8 Important Facts About Street Photography

street photographyWith the advent of digital cameras today, many people are gaining interest in the field of photography. Some decide to pursue a career in photography and focus on popular types such as wedding photography and newborn photography. There are others who chose newer and promising types like street photography. Are you familiar with it?

Well, maybe some of you have heard about it but are not sure on what street photography really is. Here are 8 important facts about street photography that are worth knowing.

  1. It doesn’t have to be shot on the street.

Street photography doesn’t necessitate being on the street to take pictures. This can be done in any public place – park, market, or mall.  Street photographers bring their cameras with them because they look forward to capturing unique and fleeting images while on the go.

  1. There is no specific subject.

Street photographers take pictures of anything or anybody they think are interesting. It can be a person doing something extraordinary, an accident that took place, a wonderful spot that look great and worth showing to other people.

  1. It is not planned or manipulated.

With street photography, there is no advanced planning or manipulation of scenes done. A street photographer does not plan on what or who to photograph. He just shots any thing, person or event as he sees it or as it (event) unfolds.

  1. It is different from reportage photography.

Street photography shows the “real human conditions” but it is certainly different from reportage photography. With street photography, each candid picture separately tries to tell a story of reality. On the other hand, in reportage photography, a series of pictures are taken to show a story of a specific subject like a person or event.

  1. No flash or props are necessary.

Street photographers seldom use flash and they don’t bring any props for the shoot.  It is different from other forms of photography where you can see subjects holding props handed by the shooter to get more artistic shots.

  1. It can have no person in it.

Some street photographs have no persons in it. In street photography, the picture may feature a place, event or even a specific object that affects human condition.

  1. Most shots are candid.

In street photography, most shots are taken candidly and there are formal poses involved. The individuals included in the shots are usually unaware that they are being photographed just like in natural wedding photography.

  1. Permission is not necessary but respect is.

Street photographers don’t usually ask permission from authorities or individuals when they take the shots. But then, these photographers make it a point to ask permission from a parent when a child is involved or whenever they deem it is necessary for an individual to be aware of the shot. Respect for others is important wherever you are and whatever the situation is.

If you are interested in learning and mastering street photography, then you can certainly do so by allocating time in studying and practicing it. You can also get advice from expert photographers like this brighton photographer.