A Review of the Nikon D810

The Nikon D810 is being touted as the most advanced DSLR camera Nikon has ever produced. But does it live up to the hype or does it fall short? Today, we shall take a look at this camera and see what it has to offer and whether features are enough to make it stand out.


The camera is built with a sturdy body that is also weather resistant. As far as the ergonomics is concerned, the body of the Nikon 810D is designed to provide a better grip, making it more comfortable and secure to hold on your hand. The LCD provides a sharper, more colorful view as well, a big improvement over previous models. The controls are laid out well, with some key controls like the AF and AE buttons easy to reach and operate.

The Nikon D810 storms out of the gate with a whopping 36.3 megapixels in resolution, the highest Nikon has ever produced for a camera.

Checking out the features

The Nikon D810 has a wide ISO range of up to 12,800, which can be expanded up to 51,000 under Nikon’s FX mode, a technology in which provides a larger digital sensor at 35mm, a higher sensitivity to light while lowers the photo noise in the process. This is unlike how other cameras would perform under high ISO settings vis-a-vis image noise.

The camera also offers a wide shutter speed range from as fast as 1/8000 of a second up to 900 seconds. It also a faster processor in the EXPEED 4 processor, providing faster autofocus performance as well as data performance to better capture fast action shots like in sports photography.

As its capability can be seen in astrophotography, even in regular photography, the image quality of this camera remains topnotch as it brilliantly captures vivid images with stunning detail. After all, it is a 36 megapixel camera so the high quality is to be expected.

On the flipside, as excellent as the image quality it offers, the Nikon D810 is somewhat lacking as far as its video features are concerned. In particular, the D810 does not shoot video in the ultra-high definition 4K resolution, which is becoming a rising popular standard in video content. This seems rather an odd choice considering the high megapixel count being offered in this camera that can render ultra-high definition quality images and that lower priced cameras offer 4K capture in contrast.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the D810 has Wi-Fi and GPS capability. However, these features are not built in to the camera and you would have to purchase a separate accessory to enable these connectivity options to your camera. Again, a weird choice considering other lower priced cameras offer the connectivity options already built in to their cameras.


With these features as well, you can expect this camera to be in the higher price range. At this time of writing, this camera is going for at least around $3000.00, so if you’re interested to have this as your next camera, budget would be a primary consideration there.


The Nikon D810 is a great DSLR camera though by no means perfect with those missing features readily available in other lower priced cameras. Still, in spite of the aforementioned drawbacks, they do not diminish the overall excellence in design and technology Nikon has put in to this camera. With such advanced features, the Nikon D810 is a camera very well suited for the more advanced and professional photographers like Cluskey Smith, regardless of the genre they photograph, with its features designed to meet the challenges and demands they have in photography. it is a camera indeed worth of the hype.