Best Ways to Handle and Care for Your DSLR Camera

DSLR cameraDSLR cameras do not come cheap. They are generally more expensive that compact digital and mirrorless cameras. An amateur photographer who is still planning to offer professional service will most likely find it difficult to purchase a decent DSLR camera. There are entry-level DSLRs though that most beginners can buy at start and maybe later purchase a more advanced camera. Given the high cost and acquisition of a DSLR, it is certainly important for you to take care of your DSLR so you can use it for a long time.

And since you invested in your camera, you must learn how to handle, clean and care for it so it will last long. Your money won’t go to waste for you don’t have to replace or buy a new one ever so often.

Well, here are the best ways for you to handle and care for your prized DSLR camera.

  1. Clean the exterior of your DSLR camera before and after photo shoot

Photographer’s job knows no time and place. When you are hired for a project, you should always be ready and on the go. Your frequent traveling and usage of your DSLR can make it prone to dust and dirt. Say for example, when shooting at the beach, sand particles may cause the camera to get dirty and if you neglect to clean it, then it will later cause some camera malfunction.

But then, if you clean it right after the photo shoot, dirt will not accumulate or cause damage on the camera. You can wipe the camera with a microfiber cloth to remove dust or dirt. Additionally, you can use a blower for easy removal of dirt and to prevent causing scratches on the camera. Be extra careful in cleaning your camera to prevent causing damage to it.

  1. Keep your camera dry

One basic way of taking good care of your camera is by keeping it dry and safe. There are instance you have to work under the rain and getting your camera wet is surely dangerous. Your DSLR camera might be waterproof but it can still get damage later if you just allow it always dry on its own. You have to wipe it dry using a smooth cloth and make it a habit to use a camera bag to safe keep and protect it from rain or water.

  1. Always attach the body cap or lens cap when not in use

When not in use, make sure that the body cap or lens cap of your DSLR is closed or attached. This is to avoid dust, dirt, water, or even rough objects from getting in or causing damage to your valuable camera. Do clean the camera first before covering with a cap.

  1. Check your camera regularly

Find time to check on your camera from time to time. It is like checking on your car to see if all parts are working fine and nothing is damaged. Check the lens, dials and switches to ensure that no foreign object is in or on it. Make sure also that the media card is properly inserted and the battery is fully charged before going for a shoot.

  1. Remove all accessories after a photo shoot

After any photo shoot, remove all camera accessories connected to your DSLR. Accessories like flashguns, USB cables, even lenses must be right away removed from your DSLR after a photo shoot. This can prevent any damage or incident that can cause your camera to get malfunction.

The most important of all is to purchase a camera bag that is suitable for your camera. Consider a camera bag that is ideal for your type of photography so your camera and all your other gear will be kept safe.