How To Capture Great Photos in Low Light Conditions

Taking photographs in low light environments has always been a challenge for photographers. This is because photography is basically dependent on light for capturing good photos, and lesser light may adversely affect the overall quality.

But that should not deter a photographer from taking good photos in such conditions. With proper knowledge and skills, some great photographs can still be shot in these conditions. Here are some tips to guide you.

1 – Avoid using flash as much as possible


A bright or noisy flash can be irritating and could even ruin important moments. Also, the flash just isn’t necessary at times. A flash can freeze fast action, and it’s a good substitute for faster shutter speeds when capturing movement in low light. The bright light and the harsh shadows a flash creates, though, flatten the subject and background. Little or no flash can capture more of the contrasts between lighter and darker parts of the room, adding depth and dimension to the photo.

When you do need a flash in low light, diffuse the light for best results. This breaks up the hard edges and shadows for a more natural effect. There’s no need for a major equipment purchase for this, either. For starters, when you’re indoors, you can point the flash upward where light can bounce off the ceiling rather than other objects in the room or you can double-fold a facial tissue to place over the flash, simulating a lamp shade for it.

2 – Increase the ISO settings

ISO is a measurement of how sensitive the image is to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive to light the image is, but your photos are also likely to have more noise which pertains to the image’s grainy output. You can try with pushing the ISO to its highest setting, taking a couple of shots, and seeing how it works. Then, you can lower the ISO gradually until you get the photo quality and lighting effects that you want.

3- Stabilize your camera

It’s important that you hold the camera steady when doing low light photography, as low light camera settings mean the shutter will open wider and stay open longer, making it prone to be negatively affected by unstable hands. And while many digital cameras today have a stabilization feature that corrects for small movements, this stabilization is limited though and less effective in dim conditions.


As an alternative, consider mounting your camera on a stable surface. It could be a desk, a chair, or better a tripod or monopod. The tripod lets you set up a shot in advance, and it offers a consistent position for the camera when taking multiple photos. The monopod gives you the stable base you need during each shot along with the freedom to move or rotate between shots, like if you’re doing work for instance as a wedding photographer derby.

4 – Raise the aperture, lower the f-stop

Aperture refers to the size of the lens opening that allows the camera to take in more or less light to compose the photo measured in f-stops. For low-light conditions, you’ll want to aim for smaller f-stop numbers like f/4. If you plan to do a lot of low light photography, consider purchasing a lens known for having a wide maximum aperture like f/1.4 and f/2.0. Downside though is that the wider the lens opening, the smaller the portion of the image that’s in focus. It may be fine if you have a single subject, but when you have multiple objects in the shot at different distances from the camera, you’ll have to choose which objects you most want in focus for the shot and sacrifice the rest.

It is also important to constantly practice doing low light photography. Take as many low light photos as possible and check the quality. As time goes on, you will be able to master capturing images even in low light conditions.

5 Valuable Tips When Choosing a Wedding Photography Package

 wedding photography packageWhen you plan a wedding, there are many things you need to choose and decide upon. One of the most important decisions to make is hiring a professional wedding photographer. A wedding photographer can capture the precious moments in your very special day. You can reminisce these moments from time to time just by looking at the captivating wedding photos. You can even share these pictures to your future kids and grandkids.

The task of finding the right wedding photographer is not easy though. There are many factors you have to consider when selecting one. Among these factors are your budget and desired services. Wedding photographers offer attention-grabbing different wedding packages to lure more clients to avail their services. These wedding packages are expected to be different from one another. Thus, you need to carefully choose the wedding package that suits your wedding needs.

To help make it easier for you to decide on what wedding photography package to avail, here are some tips on what to look for in a package and how to know if it is the right one for you.

  1. Know how many photographers will cover the wedding

A wedding package that includes more than 2 photographers who will cover the wedding is a good option to choose. Having 2 or more photographers would mean that more fleeting moments can possibly captured on camera. You should also clarify if they can send a replacement in case the lead photographer can’t make it on that day.

  1. Learn the length of coverage

Determine how many hours you think you will need the services of the photographer. Would you like the photographer to start from the wedding preparations up to the end of the wedding party? Or would you like to have him cover only the wedding ceremony? Check also how many hours are listed in the package and how much is the overtime rate if there’s any.

  1. Check what kind of output you will receive

Consider also what types of products are included in the package. How many pages are there in the wedding album? Are they going to provide digital pictures in a DVD? How many loose photos will the package include? How many pictures will they shoot? Look for a package that suits your expected output and pictures.

  1. Ask if the package can be customized

Some packages can be customized as per client’s request. If there is a particular package that you are interested in but would like some modification, then ask the wedding photographer upfront if it is possible to change it. Some packages are fixed while others can be altered based on the client’s requirements. Visit the website of this Los Angeles Wedding Photographer to find wedding packages and photos that are checking out.

  1. Inquire about the photography rights

Request from the photographer to see some sample wedding albums of the wedding packages you are interested in. Keep an eye on the consistency of the image. Are you impressed with how the images look? Do they tell an inspiring story of love? If they do, then the wedding package is worth considering.

The wedding photography package you choose must be based on your budget as well as your expected output. Pick the right wedding photographer and scrutinize the wedding packages he/she is offering before deciding on one so you will not regret your choice and the wedding will be successful.

Urban Landscape Photography Tips Worth Knowing

urban landscape photographyWhen we talk about landscape photography, we often think of mountains, rivers, wilderness and nature in general.  Unknown to some of us, landscape photography is a broad topic and it includes even industrial and urban settings. There is a special type of landscape photography called Urban Landscape Photography.

Urban landscape photography is a form of photography wherein the setting is in a city or an urban area. Photos of famous structures or landmarks as well as office buildings fall in the urban landscape photography category. Urban landscape photography is interesting and fun although it entails conquering some challenges before you can finally take the perfect urban landscape.

If you are interested to get into urban landscape photography, here are some tips on how you can best take urban landscape photos.

Shoot in the early hours

There are good reasons why doing your shoots in the morning are advantageous. One is that it gives you a more natural diffused light for your image since the sky acts like a big filter.  Next, it filters the light coming from the sun thus giving you a more dramatic looking image.  Heavy traffic on the street won’t be a problem since there are less people outside during these hours.

Use different lenses

If you own or have access to different lenses then try to take a variety of lenses with you. Use a lens for zooming and another one for wide angle shots. Longer focal lengths are good in catching structural details which viewers can definitely appreciate. One the other hand, wide angle lenses are perfect for capturing big images. Wedding photographers west Yorkshire also bring more than one lens when shooting weddings so they can get various shots.

Include colors

When we talked about urban landscape photography, beginners tend always tend to think of black and white images of buildings, bridges or corner street etc. You need to widen your horizon and add colors to your images. You shouldn’t confine yourself to shooting only in traditional black and white.

Shoot in different angles

Take shots of the structure from different angles and not just through the usual straight shot. . An angle of 45 or 60 can most likely give you unique, interesting shots not boring and dull. Think out of the box and get low or high just to get more different shots. Even peterborough photographer tries shooting from different angles from time to time.

Look for unusual places to shoot

Sometimes taking shots of popular places is not the best idea for urban photography since almost everyone have seen it or even photographed it in the past. Try to explore and look for some extra ordinary places that would capture the viewer’s interest. There are some photographers who even chose a construction site as their photo shoot location to capture more interesting images.

Hopefully, these tips can help you get started in urban landscape photography. Make sure to find time to practice, gather valuable knowledge from the experts and hone your photography skills. With determination and passion for work, you will definitely reach your goal and become a great landscape photographer.

How to Become a Great Landscape Photographer

landscape photographyLandscape photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography. You have to be totally ready for what lies ahead once you’ve decided to master in this field. It won’t be easy but it is definitely worth giving a try.

If you are really keen on being a great landscape photographer, here are some ways you can become one:

  1. Buy the right equipment

You can start off buy doing a research on the right equipment to buy. The basic equipment to buy includes a digital single-reflex camera (DSLR), lenses, tripod and filters.  DSLR camera is the best type to use to get really sharp, awesome images. Lenses are of wide variety and the best choices for landscapes are wide angle and telephoto zoom. Other important accessories are a tripod to provide stability for your camera and filters for more creative, specific shots.

  1. Take a course or workshop in landscape photography

A formal education and training in photography is definitely something you should consider taking. You will gain the right knowledge from professionals and more experienced individuals. There are well-established schools offering different photography course. Choose a course in landscape photography or something related to it.

In some cities, photography workshops are conducted every now and then thus it is best if you will know if there are workshops in your area that you can join in.

  1. Look for famous places to shoot

Ask for recommendations from other photographers on what places are best to visit and practice shooting. You can also google for inspirations online, check out wonderful landscape pics and know the locations. You can search for famous waterfalls, mountains, terrains and other landforms.

  1. Practice as often as you can

Whether you are in a mountainous area or simply outside your house, you can practice shooting. Look for interesting elements outdoors like tall trees and master also the settings of your camera. Observe every image you produce and think of what makes them look correct or wrong. You can definitely learn something new every time you practice and this can help hone your skills in photography. Even Wedding Photographer Manchester continuously practice to get the shots right.

  1. Create an awesome work portfolio

Over time, you will gain clients, learn more things and produce more awesome pictures. Make sure to include your best works in your portfolio for potential clients to see. Your work portfolio should help convince people that you are great in the field you are in.

  1. Display your works online

You can build a website where online viewers can see and even share your woks. The more exposure you can get, the more clients will hire you or buy your works. If you don’t know how to build a site, you can have someone create it for you. Be open to suggestion s but always trust your judgement. You can check out the website of this edinburgh wedding photographer to know how your site should look like.

Keep in mind that with persistence and dedication one can be great in whatever field he/she has chosen. If you really want to become a landscape photographer, you need to focus and aim to become great at it.

7 Points to Include in Your Wedding Photography Contract

wedding photography contractOnce you’ve decided to set up your photography business, it is now time for you settle both technical and legal aspects of your business. Some photographers overlook the importance of the legal aspect and just focus on the technical side. By legal aspect, this includes a photography contract which is vital for your business to get protected.

Like other business deals, a written contract signed by both parties can serve as protection for all concerned. And if you are a wedding photographer, providing services to engaged couples can be set straight and clear by having a written contract. Anything unexpected can happen in a wedding and to protect you, your business and your client, a written contract must be put in place. Having a contract can also add credibility to you as a professional.

What important clauses and points must be in a written photography contract? Well, you can start by creating a draft of the points you want included in the contract. Next, you can consult your lawyer and finalize the proposed contract you are planning to show your clients. Try to be open for suggestions and modify the contract as you deem necessary after talking to the couple.

To help you prepare a contract, here are some important points to include in it:

  1. Name and Contact Info

The contract should include your full name, your business name and address, client’s name, complete address, contact information. Double check the spelling and politely request from the client for an ID as proof of real identity.

  1. Time specifics

The exact start and end times must be in stipulated in the contract so as to avoid confusion. Number of house must also be present as well as the locations of the shoot like the hotel room where the couple are getting dressed and wedding venue/s. Everything should be clear and specific so no one gets disappointed. Professional photographers of Carl Glancey Photography can attest to how important this is.

  1. Coverage

You can offer several packages as well as individual services and these packages have different coverages. The client might choose the package where the coverage will start from the wedding preparations until the end of the wedding party or the client might choose a certain part for you to start covering like wedding ceremony only. It is also important to discuss with the client a wedding shot list. There might be specific shots that they want you to deliver for them so it is best to take note of those.

  1. Overall cost and payment terms

All costs must be itemized so no there will be no doubts and questions when it comes to the payment. Payment terms must also be included like when and how much the deposit payment should be. You also need to set the exact date as to when the balance must be paid (after the wedding).

  1. Additional fees

How much are you going to ask for overtime? It should be included in the contract and this overtime fee must be reasonable and fair enough for both parties. The number of pictures- both printed and digital- that you have agreed upon must also be specified.

  1. Cancellation and refund

You need to set how many days you will allow cancellation as well as refund. If there’s a cancellation and a deposit has already been made, write how much refund the client will get. Make sure the client understands the cancellation/ refund policy. Wedding photographer Gloucestershire really explains to clients how this policy works.

  1. Delivery

Give a specific date or time period as to when you can finish post production and deliver the orders to your client. The order must also be clear so let’s say your client wants to get pictures in an album as well as digital copies on a DVD then that must be added in the contract.

Last but not the least, you need to agree as to who has the copyright of the images. It should be clear if the images can be shared online or not.

With a binding contract, both parties will be protected and a better outcome of the wedding can be expected.

Tips of How to Take Better Action Photos

action photographyIf you are into sports or you love watching a sports game, there are certainly times you brought your camera with you hoping to capture action-packed moments. Some actions happen too fast that you tend to miss it or you get blurry images. This can frustrating thus you need to learn how to best take action photos.

Taking action photos can be difficult. Even professional sports photographers sometimes experience difficulty in getting sharp images of moving subjects. But then, there are tips you can follow to take better action photos that will reflect how exciting the game was.

  1. Know the game and learn to anticipate

If you are working as a sports photographer, you need to learn and understand the game you are covering. By knowing how the game goes, you can anticipate what will happen and can plan better on when to shoot. You can also prepare yourself on where to position yourself.

  1. Use a DSLR

A Digital SLR camera is certainly the best camera to use nowadays when taking action photos or even when you are into a different form of photography. There are lenses that you can attach to your DSLR to freeze action and get the perfect action shot. Lenses like f/2.8 or f/4 are some of the ideal lenses for sports photography.

  1. Get as near as possible

The nearer you are to the action, the better chance you can get of capturing those fleeting action moments. If you’re covering a game, go to the venue early and politely ask the organizer if you can get on or near the front row. Or, you can choose a nice spot and ask permission to shoot from there.

  1. Capture the expression

Don’t just focus on the action or body movement but try to consider also shooting the expression on the player or your model’s face. You can capture the emotions on the player’s face during the game and this can be interesting to see. Check out the website of SMH Photography to get ideas of how your images should look like.

  1. Choose a subject from the group

If you’re taking shots of a game played by teams or groups, choose a player that is interesting to follow and focus on his action or movements.

  1. Set to sports mode or shutter speed priority

Study your camera and choose the right shooting mode. In some cameras, you can choose the sports mode while for other cameras you can choose shutter speed priority mode or short burst shooting.

  1. Buy a fast memory card.

With a fast memory card, your camera won’t slow down because your memory card can write on it fast. Ask wedding photographer kent on what brand of memory cards are fast and reliable.

  1. Take off the lens cap!

This may sound funny but yes there are photographers who forget to take off their lens early thus missing fast actions. Always remember to take it off before aiming for a shot.

These tips along with your skills and knowledge in sports photography can surely help you produce brilliant action photos.

8 Important Facts About Street Photography

street photographyWith the advent of digital cameras today, many people are gaining interest in the field of photography. Some decide to pursue a career in photography and focus on popular types such as wedding photography and newborn photography. There are others who chose newer and promising types like street photography. Are you familiar with it?

Well, maybe some of you have heard about it but are not sure on what street photography really is. Here are 8 important facts about street photography that are worth knowing.

  1. It doesn’t have to be shot on the street.

Street photography doesn’t necessitate being on the street to take pictures. This can be done in any public place – park, market, or mall.  Street photographers bring their cameras with them because they look forward to capturing unique and fleeting images while on the go.

  1. There is no specific subject.

Street photographers take pictures of anything or anybody they think are interesting. It can be a person doing something extraordinary, an accident that took place, a wonderful spot that look great and worth showing to other people.

  1. It is not planned or manipulated.

With street photography, there is no advanced planning or manipulation of scenes done. A street photographer does not plan on what or who to photograph. He just shots any thing, person or event as he sees it or as it (event) unfolds.

  1. It is different from reportage photography.

Street photography shows the “real human conditions” but it is certainly different from reportage photography. With street photography, each candid picture separately tries to tell a story of reality. On the other hand, in reportage photography, a series of pictures are taken to show a story of a specific subject like a person or event.

  1. No flash or props are necessary.

Street photographers seldom use flash and they don’t bring any props for the shoot.  It is different from other forms of photography where you can see subjects holding props handed by the shooter to get more artistic shots.

  1. It can have no person in it.

Some street photographs have no persons in it. In street photography, the picture may feature a place, event or even a specific object that affects human condition.

  1. Most shots are candid.

In street photography, most shots are taken candidly and there are formal poses involved. The individuals included in the shots are usually unaware that they are being photographed just like in natural wedding photography.

  1. Permission is not necessary but respect is.

Street photographers don’t usually ask permission from authorities or individuals when they take the shots. But then, these photographers make it a point to ask permission from a parent when a child is involved or whenever they deem it is necessary for an individual to be aware of the shot. Respect for others is important wherever you are and whatever the situation is.

If you are interested in learning and mastering street photography, then you can certainly do so by allocating time in studying and practicing it. You can also get advice from expert photographers like this brighton photographer.

What Makes GoPro a Great Choice for Sports Photography?

sports photographyAre you active in a specific sport?  Or do you watch sport events or games?  Well, if you are into sports, then you are probably familiar with the tiny device used by athletes and sports journalists in recording actions in these events.

The small, compact device I am talking about is called GoPro. GoPro is one of the leading manufacturers of sports cameras and has been in this business for many years now. Their latest model is the Hero4 Black Edition.

GoPro cameras are compact, portable and also wearable. This super wide angle camera is popular among athletes because of its impressive durability and flexibility. There are also many wonderful features that this brand is offering.

  1. Easy to mount

GoPro camera is easy to mount or attach because of its small size. Depending on what sport you are into, you can fasten it to your helmet, vest or any gear you are wearing. There are plenty of mounts that you can choose from depending on your needs.

  1. Long battery life

An impressive feature of GoPro is it long battery life. GoPro can record up to 2.5 hours footage before its battery drains. This is surely an advantage not only for athletes who want to record the actual action in the game but it is also beneficial for professionals who record a long game. No need to hand carry a big DSLR and wait for intense action to capture.

  1. Impressive built

The housing of a GoPro camera is tough and resilient. It is also steady and can resist shakes so you can still get the sharp images or video that you want .Even wedding photographer burkshire owns a GoPro.

  1. Shock proof and water-resistant

GoPro cameras can withstand hard blows that are expected to happen in sports particularly in extreme sports. It is shock proof and water resistant so it still works even under water or during rough situations. You can use it when you ski, surf, run, swim or do other acitivities.

  1. Sharp images & footage

GoPro can produce sharp, clear images even in rough situations. You can shoot moving subjects and still get a clear output. These images and videos are saved in memory card of up to 32 GB and can be transferred right away to your computer or viewed immediately on your TV or computer.

  1. Creative shots

And because you can easily mount your camera to your body or to any sport gear, you can be more creative or shoot from different angles. This can help you get more unique and brilliant shots. You can also visit the website photographer reading

With a GoPro camera, you will surely always on the go and ready to capture the actions in your favorite sport.

Is GoPro the Best Camera for Sports?

gopro hero 4A lot of camera brands are being sold in the market today and this can be confusing for those who are new to photography. Canon and Nikon are among the top brands opted to by both professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. Another brand that is popularly used is the GoPro camera.

GoPro users claim that this camera produces professional-looking pictures that even amateur photographers can have their captured images look more spectacular. GoPro is also great for video coverages. It can feature 1090p30 and 720p60 videos.

What Photographers Say About GoPro

Professional photographers who specialize in sports photography love to use GoPro cameras because it allows them to capture fast-action images. GoPro cameras are tiny and are only about the size of a lighter. These are robust, high-definition cameras with different modes that you can choose from. GoPro cameras are generally waterproof and shock proof. They work well in low light and can be considered an action camera that sports photographers and athletes can easily bring along.

In sports, there are triathletes who even carry the light GoPro to record their action-packed race. Unlike DSLRs that are huge, a GoPro camera is easy to mount in your bicycle or carry around underwater when in a swimming competition. It has a waterproof housing that makes it possible to get amazing shots when submerged in water.

Now, is GoPro the best camera for sports? Let’s get to know the different GoPro cameras.

GoPro Cameras to Choose From

There are 3 popular GoPro models that you can choose from: GoPro Hero All in One Awesome, GoPro Hero 4 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

  1. GoPro Hero All in One Awesome

This Hero + LCD model has built-in wii and Bluetooth for easy uploading and sharing of photos and videos online. This cameras touch display helps the user to adjust the settings before the actual shooting or video coverage. It is waterproof and can shoot fast-action sequence like in a running or swimming competition. This model can be bought for around $300.

Sussex wedding photographer used to own one of these and was impressed by how this compact GoPro camera works.

  1. GoPro Hero 4 Black

GoPro Hero 4 Black is the most advanced GoPro camera. It is very small, box-type camera that offers 4K footage which means four times higher resolution than the standard HD. GoPro Hero4 Black is great for shooting fast outdoor actions and you can easily attach it to your helmet, bike or any mountable object.

Since it is the newest model, the battery design is also new so you cannot use the batteries of your old GoPro camera. It is also best to bring a power supply when shooting a long-action sports event so your battery won’t run out. This GoPro Hero 4 Black costs around $500 and is available in different countries worldwide.

  1. GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Another great action camera is the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Sports photographers say that this is the easiest to use GoPro camera. GoPro Hero 4 Silver has a built-in LCD screen so you can easily preview your shot. Moreover, this model produces high-quality videos with different shot modes to choose from. GoPro Hero 4 Silver costs only around $400.

GoPro cameras are really a good choice when it comes to photographing fast-action sequences. These cameras can be considered one of the best cameras for sports. For amateur photographers who want to become a pro like Wedding Photographer Birmingham someday, you can start with a GoPro camera then later buy the more advanced DSLR once you have honed your photography skills.

Why Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?

wedding videographerCouples who are planning their wedding usually have a checklist on the things they need to prepare as well as the vendors they need to contact. For sure, a lot of them will hire a photographer and some might consider getting a wedding videographer. Do you think a wedding photographer is enough for your wedding? Or should you hire a wedding videographer?

To hire or not to?

There is no doubt that hiring a photographer for your wedding is important. Wedding photographers can capture precious moments in this special occasion so you can have them stored for a long time. But then, do you think the wedding photographer can capture every single happy moment that occurred in your wedding day. Well, perhaps not.

Your wedding day goes by fast and the months of planning will end only a few hours after. Wedding photos can help you relive the events in your wedding day but the real moments can be felt more by watching an actual video of the wedding.

Here are the top reasons why you should hire a wedding videographer that can work hand in hand with Wedding Photographer Hampshire during your wedding.

  1. Capture the genuine emotions and expressions of your guests.

During your wedding, you cannot see the looks on the faces of all your guests while you exchanged vows or while you were walking down the aisle. Through the video, you can see the excitement and happiness of your loved ones. You can also replay the moment you exchanged vows, kissed and had your first dance as a couple.

  1. A wedding video can be replayed anytime.

Like photos, you can play the video anytime you want especially when you are celebrating your anniversary. Keeping a video is a good way to remember one of the best moments in your life. Unlike photos where the images are motionless, in videos you can hear the background music during your wedding ceremony and party and view the movements of your families and guests.

  1. Record missed moments.

A wedding photographer like this hampshire wedding photographer can take wonderful pictures of everything that happened in your wedding. But then, there are times that he might miss some funny or unexpected moments which can easily be caught on video. You can even share these fun moments to friends by uploading it online in private setting. You will certainly have a good laugh at it.

  1. Worth showing even years later

Most, if not all, of your guests will be captured in the wedding video. And then, several years from now when some of them are no longer around, you can still relive the moments you shared. You can show to your kids and grandchildren the relatives who are no longer around for them to meet.

Some couples might reason out that they don’t have any budget for the services of a wedding videographer. Others might say that they can just have one of their family members film the entire wedding. But hen, a wedding videographer is a worthwhile investment. They are skilled in capturing the important moments in a wedding. They know how to make a great video that the newly wed couples will surely treasure and share with close family and friends.

Try to ask couples who didn’t hire a wedding videographer for their wedding and pretty sure most couples regret their decision of not hiring one. So now, think about it before deciding not to hire one.