Tips of How to Take Better Action Photos

action photographyIf you are into sports or you love watching a sports game, there are certainly times you brought your camera with you hoping to capture action-packed moments. Some actions happen too fast that you tend to miss it or you get blurry images. This can frustrating thus you need to learn how to best take action photos.

Taking action photos can be difficult. Even professional sports photographers sometimes experience difficulty in getting sharp images of moving subjects. But then, there are tips you can follow to take better action photos that will reflect how exciting the game was.

  1. Know the game and learn to anticipate

If you are working as a sports photographer, you need to learn and understand the game you are covering. By knowing how the game goes, you can anticipate what will happen and can plan better on when to shoot. You can also prepare yourself on where to position yourself.

  1. Use a DSLR

A Digital SLR camera is certainly the best camera to use nowadays when taking action photos or even when you are into a different form of photography. There are lenses that you can attach to your DSLR to freeze action and get the perfect action shot. Lenses like f/2.8 or f/4 are some of the ideal lenses for sports photography.

  1. Get as near as possible

The nearer you are to the action, the better chance you can get of capturing those fleeting action moments. If you’re covering a game, go to the venue early and politely ask the organizer if you can get on or near the front row. Or, you can choose a nice spot and ask permission to shoot from there.

  1. Capture the expression

Don’t just focus on the action or body movement but try to consider also shooting the expression on the player or your model’s face. You can capture the emotions on the player’s face during the game and this can be interesting to see. Check out the website of SMH Photography to get ideas of how your images should look like.

  1. Choose a subject from the group

If you’re taking shots of a game played by teams or groups, choose a player that is interesting to follow and focus on his action or movements.

  1. Set to sports mode or shutter speed priority

Study your camera and choose the right shooting mode. In some cameras, you can choose the sports mode while for other cameras you can choose shutter speed priority mode or short burst shooting.

  1. Buy a fast memory card.

With a fast memory card, your camera won’t slow down because your memory card can write on it fast. Ask wedding photographer kent on what brand of memory cards are fast and reliable.

  1. Take off the lens cap!

This may sound funny but yes there are photographers who forget to take off their lens early thus missing fast actions. Always remember to take it off before aiming for a shot.

These tips along with your skills and knowledge in sports photography can surely help you produce brilliant action photos.