Urban Landscape Photography Tips Worth Knowing

urban landscape photographyWhen we talk about landscape photography, we often think of mountains, rivers, wilderness and nature in general.  Unknown to some of us, landscape photography is a broad topic and it includes even industrial and urban settings. There is a special type of landscape photography called Urban Landscape Photography.

Urban landscape photography is a form of photography wherein the setting is in a city or an urban area. Photos of famous structures or landmarks as well as office buildings fall in the urban landscape photography category. Urban landscape photography is interesting and fun although it entails conquering some challenges before you can finally take the perfect urban landscape.

If you are interested to get into urban landscape photography, here are some tips on how you can best take urban landscape photos.

Shoot in the early hours

There are good reasons why doing your shoots in the morning are advantageous. One is that it gives you a more natural diffused light for your image since the sky acts like a big filter.  Next, it filters the light coming from the sun thus giving you a more dramatic looking image.  Heavy traffic on the street won’t be a problem since there are less people outside during these hours.

Use different lenses

If you own or have access to different lenses then try to take a variety of lenses with you. Use a lens for zooming and another one for wide angle shots. Longer focal lengths are good in catching structural details which viewers can definitely appreciate. One the other hand, wide angle lenses are perfect for capturing big images. Wedding photographers west Yorkshire also bring more than one lens when shooting weddings so they can get various shots.

Include colors

When we talked about urban landscape photography, beginners tend always tend to think of black and white images of buildings, bridges or corner street etc. You need to widen your horizon and add colors to your images. You shouldn’t confine yourself to shooting only in traditional black and white.

Shoot in different angles

Take shots of the structure from different angles and not just through the usual straight shot. . An angle of 45 or 60 can most likely give you unique, interesting shots not boring and dull. Think out of the box and get low or high just to get more different shots. Even peterborough photographer tries shooting from different angles from time to time.

Look for unusual places to shoot

Sometimes taking shots of popular places is not the best idea for urban photography since almost everyone have seen it or even photographed it in the past. Try to explore and look for some extra ordinary places that would capture the viewer’s interest. There are some photographers who even chose a construction site as their photo shoot location to capture more interesting images.

Hopefully, these tips can help you get started in urban landscape photography. Make sure to find time to practice, gather valuable knowledge from the experts and hone your photography skills. With determination and passion for work, you will definitely reach your goal and become a great landscape photographer.