What Makes GoPro a Great Choice for Sports Photography?

sports photographyAre you active in a specific sport?  Or do you watch sport events or games?  Well, if you are into sports, then you are probably familiar with the tiny device used by athletes and sports journalists in recording actions in these events.

The small, compact device I am talking about is called GoPro. GoPro is one of the leading manufacturers of sports cameras and has been in this business for many years now. Their latest model is the Hero4 Black Edition.

GoPro cameras are compact, portable and also wearable. This super wide angle camera is popular among athletes because of its impressive durability and flexibility. There are also many wonderful features that this brand is offering.

  1. Easy to mount

GoPro camera is easy to mount or attach because of its small size. Depending on what sport you are into, you can fasten it to your helmet, vest or any gear you are wearing. There are plenty of mounts that you can choose from depending on your needs.

  1. Long battery life

An impressive feature of GoPro is it long battery life. GoPro can record up to 2.5 hours footage before its battery drains. This is surely an advantage not only for athletes who want to record the actual action in the game but it is also beneficial for professionals who record a long game. No need to hand carry a big DSLR and wait for intense action to capture.

  1. Impressive built

The housing of a GoPro camera is tough and resilient. It is also steady and can resist shakes so you can still get the sharp images or video that you want .Even wedding photographer burkshire owns a GoPro.

  1. Shock proof and water-resistant

GoPro cameras can withstand hard blows that are expected to happen in sports particularly in extreme sports. It is shock proof and water resistant so it still works even under water or during rough situations. You can use it when you ski, surf, run, swim or do other acitivities.

  1. Sharp images & footage

GoPro can produce sharp, clear images even in rough situations. You can shoot moving subjects and still get a clear output. These images and videos are saved in memory card of up to 32 GB and can be transferred right away to your computer or viewed immediately on your TV or computer.

  1. Creative shots

And because you can easily mount your camera to your body or to any sport gear, you can be more creative or shoot from different angles. This can help you get more unique and brilliant shots. You can also visit the website photographer reading

With a GoPro camera, you will surely always on the go and ready to capture the actions in your favorite sport.